About Me - images by Michael Denholm

About me:

I am a photographer based in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. I have enjoyed photography since I can remember and love the impact that a photograph has on the viewer – the emotions and feelings that it stimulates. It could be a fond memory of a happy time or a favourite place to visit, or the happy smile of a growing child.

There is beauty all around us and I love to capture that in an image so that it can be cherished. I’d love to help you capture those images that matter to you.

Please get in touch with me (refer to the Contact link above or call me on 0408 586 540). I look forward to speaking with you soon.


About my gear:

My first SLR camera was a film Pentax camera. Back in the good old film days, there was no looking at the back of the camera to see the image. You'd be staring for a mighty long time and still not see anything! That was back in the days when you had to take the film in to be processed and then you'd get your prints back later.

Times have changed - we have it much easier these days! - and ever since that first Pentax camera I have been using Canon gear. I have bought and sold almost every Canon digital camera body and lens produced (yes, I actually have) - from the cheap "nifty fifty" right through to the very expensive but absolutely amazing EF 300mm f/2.8L USM IS - and now use only professional quality gear (a 5D Mark III full frame body and mostly "L" lenses for the gear-heads out there) to ensure I get the best possible image files to work with.

My favourite lens is the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM II - most of my portraits are taken with that lens - it produces the most amazing images!

All files are backed up to multiple on-site and off-site (encrypted) locations.

I only ever shoot in "Raw" format which captures the maximum available amount of image data, but I don't ever release those Raw files because they are not the finished product. The files you will be delivered will be top quality, processed jpg files ready for viewing and printing at their optimum.

Feel free to shoot me a message via the Contact page if you have any particular questions about my gear or how I do things.

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